Capacity: 0.5 Cubuc Mtr / 500 Kg. Per Shift

Power: 10 HP

Brick Sizes: 6" X 8" X 24"
                4" X 8" X 24"
                8" X 8" X 24"

This is the Zero Maintainance Machine and runs only by one Person.

CLC Bricks Moulds

Technology :
Lightweight Concrete Blocks are produced by adding Foam of air bubbles into a Flyash cement mixture. Foam Generator will use to create millions of air bubbles from foam chemical. The foam is mixed in proportion with cement, Flyash / light weight waste material and water.

Highlights :
1. Eco Friendly
2. Good Sound Insulation
3. Superior Surface Finish
4. Good Thermal Insulation
5. Perfect Size & Shape
6. This is based on injecting foam in concrete mixing

Additional Machines Required :

Foam Generator